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Skuodo rajono savivaldybės herbas
Skuodo rajono savivaldybės herbas

Skuodas district municipality (hereinafter – the municipality) is located in the north-west of Lithuania and borders with Mažeikiai, Kretinga, Plungė districts, the Republic of Latvia. The total area of Skuodas district municipality is 911 km2. The district covers 1.4 per cent of Lithuania and 17.5 per cent of Klaipėda county. Most of the Skuodas district is located in the West Curonian Spit, in the southeast it reaches the Eastern Samogitian plateau and the middle Samogitian Upland, in the east – the Seaside Lowland. The highest point of the district (171 m) is in the highlands between Kruopiai and Gudaliai.

The Skuodas region is famous for its abundance of boulders (Barstyčiai stone, Kulaliai boulder, etc.). The municipality has a part of Samogitia National Park, a part of Salantai Regional Park, 9 nature reserves. Bartuva flows through Skuodas district with tributaries Luoba and Apšė, Šventoji, the southern edge is reached by the Minija basin (Notė); there are 3 lakes and 15 ponds. There is Bartuva Ichthyological Reserve, Samogitian Botanical Park. The forest cover of the district is 16.7 percent. The largest forests are Margininkai, Večiai, Laumiai, Barstyčiai. It is characterized by spruce and pine forests.

According to the administrative territorial division, Skuodas district municipality belongs to Klaipėda county. The center of the municipality is the city of Skuodas. The city has been mentioned since 1253, when the Master of the Livonian Order and the Bishop of Curonia shared the lands here. In 1572, J. Chodkevičius, in an effort to take advantage of the town’s geographical location and encourage the town’s growth, granted Skuodas the rights of Magdeburg. In 1918–1940, Skuodas was the center of the volost, and from 1950 it became the center of the district.

There is 1 city in Skuodas district – Skuodas, 4 towns – Barstyčiai, Ylakiai, Lenkimai and Mosėdis, 171 villages. There are 9 elderships in the district: Aleksandrija, Barstyčiai, Ylakiai, Lenkimai, Mosėdis, Notėnai, Skuodas, Skuodas city and Šačiai eldership. Skuodas district has favorable geographical conditions, a good road network for transporting agricultural products to Klaipėda, Palanga and other cities, as well as to Latvia and other foreign countries. Palanga Airport is located nearby (50 km), as well as Kaunas or Riga airports (250 km), seaport (70 km), Klaipėda FEZ (80 km). The railway infrastructure is not developed in the municipality.

Municipal administration

  • 10 subdivisions and 9 elderships;
  • Total number of posts with elderships 147.25:
  • 67.25 employees working under employment contracts;
  • 80 civil servants;
  • 4 vacancies.

There are 79 posts in the administration:

  • 62 civil servants;
  • 17 employees working under an employment contract.
  • There are 68.25 posts in the elderships,
  • 18 civil servants;
  • 50.25 employees working under an employment contract.

Educational institutions of Skuodas district in 2019-2020:

  • 3 pre-school education institutions;
  • 6 general education schools;
  • 2 non-formal education schools for children;
  • 2129 students study in the district schools;
  • 339 educators work in schools.

Institutions controlled by Skuodas district municipality:

  • Joint Stock Company “Skuodo šiluma“;
  • Joint Stock Company “Skuodo vandenys“;
  • Joint Stock Company “Skuodo autobusų stotis“.

Other budgetary and public institutions:

  • Barstyčiai Children’s Care Home,
  • Skuodas Family Social Services Center,
  • Granauskas Public Library of Skuodas District Municipality,
  • Skuodas Museum,
  • Skuodas District Cultural Center,
  • Public Institution Skuodas Primary Health Care Center,
  • Skuodas Open Youth Center.

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